Franchising is enabling ambitious individuals from all walks of life to take their future into their own hands, finally earning what they're worth and be successful without sacrificing valuable family and social time.
Franchising gives individuals the chance to minimize their financial risk drastically, by getting involved with a concept that's already working, rather than going it alone without a proper network of experienced people to assist you in all aspects of running your business and making it a success.
Franchising is offering individuals a better way of life and we're dedicated to getting the message across to individuals who are looking for financial independence for themselves and their family.
You can be from any background it really doesn't matter.
No knowledge of the fast food industry is required, as you will be taught everything there is to know about running your business successfully.
Taking control of your life and your future is what A FI WE can do for you.
Your potential weekly earnings can be well over £1,500.00 pw by following our tried and tested system.
We recognise that one of the main reasons for joining any franchise brand is to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise as you launch and grow your own new business.
We are committed to delivering exactly that.
Because of the interest shown by some of our loyal customers in duplicating our formula and running their own A FI WE
outlet we have decided to roll out a franchise program across London.
Our goal is to open a further 6 outlets in prime locations around london by the ending of 2020.
Our plan is to aquire small A1 usage outlets in busy locations across london.
A1 usage simply means that you can sell hot/cold meals daily but no cooking is done on site, basically it's the same concept that Subways use, that's why their expansion was so rapid you basically have more good sites to choose from in the best locations at a reduced rent.

This concept also means that

a. Reduced wage bill.
b. Reduced refurbishment cost.
c. Increased weekly turnover.
d. Higher profits than the traditional A3 or A5 usage.

We are searching for individuals who share the same passion for an experience like no other.
You will be part of a business thats growing rapidly in the UK with unlimited potential.
The Caribbean food business is untapped in the UK right now.
There are currently no professionally run Caribbean Food Franchise serving quality hot and cold food to consumers of all Nationalities in the UK.

Franchises will benefit from our proven system to assist you in all aspects of running your own outlet.

a. Strong social media presence.
b. Continual brand innovation.
c. Creative and ongoing marketing.
d. Full ongoing training.

a. No need to give up your full time job.
We have a team that will manage the day to day running of the outlets.
b. You may decide to be more hands on and run it yourself.
c. Low initial investment.
d. Monthly income immediately.
e. Weekly accountability to you and transparency on all aspect of your business.
f. Total refund of your investment after year 1 should you decide the franchise is not what you're looking for.

For more information on how to acquire your own outlet please complete the form below.
or call 0208 144 3839 Mobile: 07958 940 490.